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Preddy PR elevates the brands of creative and visionary entrepreneurs through special projects and full-service marketing and public relations programs. We can curate a collection of targeted strategies or implement a full-service campaign. For immediate impact, clients may choose advertising, social media and email marketing. A full-service campaign could add new branding, events and community relations. We are flexible and adapt to clients’ needs and goals.


We take a deep dive into what makes you uniquely you. The journey of discovery is Preddy PR’s “immersion” process. It is the cornerstone of our public relations campaigns. Your unique selling propositions will be uncovered by extensive research to assess your reputation, competitive set, history, and leadership. We will scour your archives to your most powerful marketing strategies and materials. Armed with knowledge, we work with you to create a marketing plan, timeline and budget which may include best strategies or a full-service approach.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Our creative content is the backbone of your brand marketing and used throughout marketing channels, including websites, marketing materials, social media, advertisements, and media relations. With laser-focused messaging, we emphasize assets uncovered during the branding phase. Copywriting for the media is a special strength of Preddy PR, earning the firm impressive placement results and invitations to write bylined magazine articles.


As public relations specialists, earned media is our specialty. Our media relationships have been established over decades of delivering news on razor-thin deadlines. Our role with clients is like journalists as we constantly dig for story material to pitch. We measure quality and quantity of media coverage to ensure that you reach your desired markets in the most cost-effective way, and achieve the editorial authority that far outweighs paid advertising.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a pillar of our client’s campaigns. Preddy PR is a Constant Contact “All Star” for its decade-plus of success with high open and click rates, proven sales, and expert database management. We sell out events with email marketing, keep your name in front of proven followers, reinforce messaging, and promote the news that demonstrates your sensitivity to the needs and desires of your market. Email marketing services include design, copywriting and database management. Campaigns are tracked to determine best response.


We create concepts and implement events that are memorable and often legendary, from the Ritz-Carlton’s anniversary celebration to a galaxy-themed hotel campaign for the millennium, to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s Diamond Jubilee, to Naples Original’s wildly successful Foodie Camp. Our event services include concept creation, sourcing and managing vendors, detailed action spreadsheets, full implementation, hosting, and more.

Social Media

Your voice on social media is a manifestation of our branding and copywriting and embraces both tone and messaging. We manage Facebook and Instagram for our clients with a calendar of forecasted posts with quality images. Our social media metrics are studied and campaigns are routinely fine-tuned based on engagement and click rate. Clever writing, compelling images, and on-point branding are hallmarks of our social media presence.


Advertising for our clients ranges from news-themed to branding ads. We work with both digital and print media and negotiate budgets and premium placement. Services include arranging for photography, copywriting, media liaison, and tracking response. Preddy PR’s creative director comes to your team with decades of award-winning experience.

Community Relations

Your events, promotions, newsletters, databases, and nonprofit relationships are examples the strategies we use to tap your community. Our knowledge of community leaders and influencers is invaluable for our understanding of how to best pair community partners with your marketing objectives. Through community relations, we extend your reach and maximize your message to a curated audience.

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